Man running

Keep moving
and claim prizes with every step

The Maraphone app gets you moving and rewards you every step of the way

Every step counts

Maraphone creates personalized
weekly challenges and tracks every
single step you take.


Win with every step

Maraphone offers you weekly rewards and lists
the top users on the app’s leaderboard.


Every step motivates

Through push notifications, Maraphone cheers
you on for every step that changes your routine
to a more active one.


How does the app work?

The app tracks the number of steps the user takes per week, and accordingly offers weekly challenges and adds the user to the list of competing top players if he/she qualifies. When a user win his/her name will appear on the app’s leaderboard, and the user will receive a prize. The app offers challenges based on the activity level chart attached below, which illustrates a user’s activity rate throughout the week.

Any questions?

Visit our FAQ page to find answers to your questions. You can also contact Customer Support.